Data Diversity

Multi-sourced on-chain and off-chain data

Public transaction data from any number of sources can first be fetched, and then all the related data points can be uniformly consolidated to form datasets which can then be used within the system.

Any off-chain data can also be processed in the same manner. An example would be KYC data that may include user identification information from government-issued ID cards, licenses, permits, etc. After fulfilling the necessary privacy and authorization requirements, DPs can organize this data into meaningful datasets that are accessible via Orange.

This is the role a Data Provider (DP) plays within the Orange system.

Datasets can be made available for public access. However, this is not a necessity. Certain applications or platforms may be looking to use a model, while ensuring that their datasets remain limited to themselves and their system. In this case, their dataset can be used with an available model without making the data public.

Data points from different datasets and DPs can be combined and used with compatible models. Applications can thus access data from multiple ledger networks and sources via Orange, and process it to establish user reputation.

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