Model Providers

Design models that capture reputation

Each system has reputation and identity needs specific to their use case. The main difference lies in the way reputation is generated.

The Orange protocol defines a role for the party that adds a method of calculation, an model, to the system for calculating and assigning reputation markers to different entities within the ecosystem. It is referred to as an Model Provider, or MP.

An model defines the parameters it takes and the operations it performs with each one of them. MPs have total control over the way they design models to generate reputation. They may generate singular scores, multiple scores with specific properties, or even reports with rich attributes.

Model Providers may choose to keep their model private and accessible only to themselves on the Orange platform. Any model or service, unless made public, cannot be viewed or selected by other users in the Orange network.

Why become a MP?

As Model Providers design their custom models, they can choose to make them available for other parties to use and integrate to their systems.

Systems with similar requirements need not each design their own model if they can find and use one that demonstrably works.

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