Claim Orange NFTs

Orange NFTs are collectibles issued by Orange as portable proofs of your reputation achievements.

Before you can follow this guide to claim an Orange NFT, you need to sign in and add a wallet to the Orange platform.

Step 1: Select the "Campaigns" on the top of the page to view available campaigns. Click on the campaign you are interested in to check the specific details and task requirements. Here we take the "CRYPTO WHALE" as an example.

Step 2: Read "Who Is Eligible" to find out which reputation credential you need to generate before claiming the NFT, and the minimum required reputation score.

Step 3: Join the campaign to check the steps of the required tasks.

Step 4: Follow the task guidelines to accomplish all the required tasks.

Step 5: Click “Claim”, select a network that you would like to mint the NFT and switch to the corresponding wallet in the MetaMask plugin, then click “Claim” again to confirm the mint.

Click "Confirm" in the window of MetaMask wallet plugin. Hooray! The NFT is minted. You can find it from My Reputation - My NFTs and/or My Campaigns - Claimed NFT. (Web3 Citizen, NFT Collector and Crypto Whale will be displayed in “My NFTs”, other NFTs will be displayed in “Claimed NFT”.)

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