Decentralized Collaboration Network

The Orange system currently uses a centralized task dispatching mechanism when invoking models. This is an initial approach to kick start the platform and get the system running in early stages of the network.

Moving into the future, the system will be revamped to establish a collaborative network architecture in a decentralized way. The dispatching mechanism of the calculation tasks will be implemented in the form of on-chain systems and smart contracts, thereby making the overall dispatching process completely transparent.

Also, the number of data sources from which data is fetched to calculate a particular instance of reputation will also be extended to a decentralized data organization and provisioning approach. Simultaneously, the system will support a decentralized multi-party computation model with the results effectively being aggregated based on the models. Say for instance, statistically determining the median value of a set of numerical data points. This helps to make the calculation process and the final results more reliable.

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