Data Providers

Provide data used to capture reputation

Ledgers essentially operate upon the data that they collect. All actions are stored in the form of transactions in a P2P network.

Generally speaking, most data remains limited to the system it was collected in. To create a true on-chain identity protocol that does not need to depend on off-chain data and credentials to establish the reputation of an entity, on-chain data needs to be accessible throughout the Web3 space, and not just stay limited within the respective ledger networks.

A fundamental building block of Orange protocol is data that can be taken from different ledger networks and be made available throughout a whole system of ledger networks. The role of a Data Provider, or DP is defining schemas that act as interfaces between systems such that their data can be accessed outside their ledger network conveniently and used as input for models designed by different MPs.

Data Providers may choose to keep their data private and accessible only to themselves on the Orange platform. Any data, unless made public, cannot be requested by other users in the Orange network.

Why become a DP?

The basic nature of ledgers results in data being collected in P2P networks. Let's say you decide to become a DP and build schemas using the data on your network. This data is now available for the entire Orange ecosystem to be uniformly accessed and processed using the public models.

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